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Welcome! We're glad that you found us online. We're 100% confident that you won't be disappointed with the service and helpful advice that you will receive as part of our PC repair service. We work either In-Home or In-Store to provide the best computer repair services for folks all throughout the Treasure Valley; Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, Boise, and the surrounding areas. 

Our computer Technicians have years of experience in computer troubleshooting and end user issues.


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Windows Errors and Blue Screen of Death

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Nice! Upgrade Time

Computer Memory Upgrades

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Monitor Upgrades

Every day, around the world, computers are; breaking, freezing, getting hacked, blue-screening, getting outdated, etc. The list is endless. With Technology, and computers specifically, this has come to be the expectation sadly. At DC-Tech, we make every effort to arm ourselves with the knowledge and tools to combat the imperfections found in computers and help you in your day to day life of using them.

We’re very accustomed to seeing windows computer issues where the computer was working fine one day, and then BOOM, computer goes instantly slow the next time it boots. There are a variety of things that will cause this. Sometimes it is a computer virus. Sometimes it is a windows update- ironic right? Sometimes though, the computer just needs some tuning to get it back into the shape it was when you were using it without issues. Time is a huge factor in how computers work and break. All the components in computers are vulnerable to heat and natural deterioration over time. As a computer sits, even idle, its circuitry is slowly wearing away at itself. This is where we come in. Regardless of the issues that you experience on your computer, we come in to diagnose computer issues with absolute confidence that we can tell you what is going on. We then provide a game plan of resolution, then EXEcute.

Some of the most common issues will be the infamous “Blue Screen of Death”. Other times you’ll get these totally random errors that pop up out of nowhere that are absolute gibberish. We can usually translate those to discover the root issue of your errors. Computers running slow, but don’t have any software issues are typically going to be hardware related. At that point, it may be time for some upgrades to keep the computer purring along in tip top shape. One of the best things you can do for a computer every few years is to swap out the hard drive, especially if it using a literal HARD DISK DRIVE. These hard disk drives are known to wear, spin themselves to the point of no spinning, and simply break internally over time. The best fix to this is an upgrade to the popular Solid State Drives. These drives are faster, have no moving parts, and are more energy efficient. These days, their prices have dropped and have decent lifespans. For the Best PC Repair in Nampa, Call DC-Tech.

Why DC-Tech?

Technology doesn’t think for itself, it’s not an individual with a personality and feelings of its own. Technology is merely a tool- an extension of ourselves. We design it and we build it to enhance us as people; to help us run faster, understand the universe, calculate numbers beyond human comprehension, and communicate with loved ones thousands of miles away, we even use it to build better technology. Technology is a tool to help us do what we already do, only better. It enhances us as individuals, businesses, communities, and as a world. DC-Tech believes that technological tools don’t stop at the computers, it extends beyond that to the real source of power in your technology. That power is You.


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