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We provide full Backup and Recovery Solutions for small and medium sized businesses all throughout the Treasure Valley; Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, Boise, and the surrounding areas. The Managed Services that we offer will differ from a Regular MSP in the fact that we don't simply manage technology. We aim to enhance a business by addressing solutions to needs and implementing them with precision. We provide that bump in innovation that you've been waiting for. Our Staff has years of experience in IT Support Services. We can assure you that our service and professionalism is unparalleled. 


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Computer Backup Solutions

DC-Tech works with Local Businesses to educate and establish healthy backup solutions.

Server & Computer Hard Drive Recovery

Call right away when you have system failures. Retrieving hard drive data makes night and day differences for most companies.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Interested in the Latest and Greatest way to back up your files. Let us show you how you can get backups in the cloud!

Loss Prevention and Planning Options

We believe that preparation is the key to a successful recovery following a crash. Let us show you how to prepare properly,

How important is your data? You may be thinking, "Gee, I don't think I have anything on my computer that's really important." But you do. Did you keep a copy of your tax filing the last few years? What about all those photos of your kids since the day they were born? What about that college term paper that you were so proud of?

Do you have a small business and keep your accounting data on your computer?

When you do a backup of QuickBooks... is it to a folder on that same computer?

Here's some tips to make sure your data is safe:

  • Back up regularly, depending on your data. QuickBooks data should be backed up every day. Taxes should be filed away after you submit them to the IRS. Photos should be backed up at least once per month, but weekly would be better.

  • Back important data to archive quality media. Not all CDs and DVDs are created equal. Make sure you use a good archive quality media so it stands the test of time.

  • Keep your super important backups off-site. A safety deposit box, a fire safe at a relative's house, or an off-site cloud based storage.

DC-Store, our own cloud based off-site storage, is able to scale to your needs, is inexpensive, and easy for us to set up. Call for details.Consider the real value of your data and seek out an appropriate option. Call us today for a plan and pricing.

Happy Computing!

Why DC-Tech?

Technology doesn’t think for itself, it’s not an individual with a personality and feelings of its own. Technology is merely a tool- an extension of ourselves. We design it and we build it to enhance us as people; to help us run faster, understand the universe, calculate numbers beyond human comprehension, and communicate with loved ones thousands of miles away, we even use it to build better technology. Technology is a tool to help us do what we already do, only better. It enhances us as individuals, businesses, communities, and as a world. DC-Tech believes that technological tools don’t stop at the computers, it extends beyond that to the real source of power in your technology. That power is You.


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