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Network Design &             Administration

We provide full on-site Network Installation, Provisioning, and Administration to small and medium sized businesses all throughout the Treasure Valley; Caldwell, Nampa, Meridian, Boise, and the surrounding areas. Most businesses have different needs for their employees and customers. We take the time to sit down with you and collect the needs of your organization and size out what equipment would fit those needs for the existing demands, as well as planning for future growth or development. In all our efforts, we seek to empower organizations do what they already do, only better. Some organizations will need a simple network. Others may need more complex network setup with multiple routers and offices spread throughout multiple locations.. Our Staff has years of experience in Network Engineering and Administration. We can assure you that our service and professionalism is unparalleled. 


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Pro Installation

or DIY

Cat5 & Cat6 Ethernet Cabling

Low Voltage & A/V Cabling

Professionally Installed

Wall Jacks

Computer Memory Upgrades

Acquires and Implements enterprise wireless access points for great WiFi coverage at any location. Troubleshooting as well.

Computer Video Card Upgrades

Enterprise Router Configuration

Wireless Site Surveys

Switch and Vlan Configuration

Multi-Site Connectivity

Computer Hard Drive


Enterprise Router Configuration

Wireless Site Surveys

Switch and Vlan Configuration

Multi-Site Connectivity

Why DC-Tech?

Technology doesn’t think for itself, it’s not an individual with a personality and feelings of its own. Technology is merely a tool- an extension of ourselves. We design it and we build it to enhance us as people; to help us run faster, understand the universe, calculate numbers beyond human comprehension, and communicate with loved ones thousands of miles away, we even use it to build better technology. Technology is a tool to help us do what we already do, only better. It enhances us as individuals, businesses, communities, and as a world. DC-Tech believes that technological tools don’t stop at the computers, it extends beyond that to the real source of power in your technology. That power is You.


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